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Interested in DyslexicType? We'd love to talk! Whether you're a parent of a dyslexic student or an expert in the field, we are always looking to learn more.

Dyslexia Professionals

As a young team of high school students, we are constantly seeking advice from professionals. As we design this software solution, your input in crucial to delivering the best product.


Hand-writing, making sure the letters are facing the right way and in the right order, can be tiring for kids with dyslexia. When they switch from hand-writing to touch typing, they can focus more on WHAT they want to say, not how to get it down on paper.


Kids with dyslexia – you are not alone! There are millions of kids like you around the world whose brains are wired this way and handwriting can be a chore! We have made a learn-to-type program we think can help. Please try what we have so far and let us know what you think.