Our Story

From the very beginning…

I am a high school student and inspired by my cousin Emily and her struggles at school, I started Dyslexi-type, a not-for-profit online Typing Tutor designed from the ground up for kids with Dyslexia, because when kids like Emily learn to touch type instead of write, their minds are freed to think about what they want to communicate, not the mechanics of writing it down. According to the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, the shift from handwriting to keyboarding “adds up to more expressive, enthusiastic and confident dyslexic students.”

There are other learn-to-type programs available but we are working with doctors, parents and other experts in the field to design every aspect of our program specifically for kids with dyslexia. It will be free and available on our website.

Our parents have always taught us to be nice to the new kid, invite someone on the sidelines to join the conversation, or help a classmate with their homework. This isn’t really different – it just takes a little longer. When I think of Emily and the thousands of kids like her who are struggling, I am excited to make this product a reality.
Thanks for learning about us

– Eli Weed and Xander Fries

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We are deeply grateful for the mentoring, business training, financial support, and encouragement we received from these organizations! You have helped us believe we can make a difference in the lives of our classmates and kids around the world.

The Team

Eli Weed

CEO & Founder

Xander Fries