• DyslexiType

    A Free Learn-to-Type Program for Kids with Dyslexia

All aspects. Designed for you.

By collaborating with experts in the field of dyslexia, we’ve crafted a solution from the ground up built for youth with dyslexia.

Targeted, Clean, & Simple

We designed an uncluttered screen so students don’t get distracted

On screen finger position

Correct finger positions are modeled.

Type what you actually see

Different font choices including the OpenDyslexic font, available to maximize readability. Capital letters match what students see on the keyboard.


Spark Magic


Progressive Awards

Users rack up points and collect prizes to outfit their on-screen wizard

Multi-sensory Instructions

Voice plus written instructions provide multiple sensory inputs

Real Words. Real Skills.

We ask the students to type real words like “sad” and “the” whenever possible, rather than random sets of letters because it helps form automatic word patterns


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“…because when kids with dyslexia learn to touch type instead of write, their minds are freed to think about what they want to communicate, not the mechanics of writing it down” – Eli Weed, CEO & Founder

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